Course Outlines

National Energy Action has expanded its range of face-to-face and online learning courses to ensure that organisations can continue to access our training in a way convenient to them.

Below is our full list of training courses, covering topics including fuel poverty, vulnerability, energy efficiency, health, decarbonisation and more. The courses are designed for frontline advice workers and anyone with an interest in fuel poverty and the issues surrounding it.

Fuel Debt Advice

Fuel Debt Advice in the Community 6281-16 (C&G Level 2 Award) is for those working with households in or at risk of fuel debt.

Energy Awareness 6281-01

Energy Awareness 6281-01 (Level 3 Award) is aimed at workers who deliver energy advice to households, covering energy saving methods, as well as advice provision.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy in the Home 6281-02 (Level 3 Award) will enable learners to provide households with up-to-date information on domestic renewables.

Decarbonising Homes

Decarbonising Homes: Technologies, Impacts and Solutions (CQ11527 Level 4 Award) course provides a practical understanding of low carbon and renewable technologies.

Changing Behaviour

Changing Energy Related Behaviour considers the field of decision making, focusing specifically on simple things to encourage people to act on the advice they receive.

Delivering Energy Advice

Delivering High Quality Domestic Energy Advice: A Practical Guide will provide guidance to frontline staff who deliver energy efficiency-related advice to householders.

Fuel Poverty and Health

Fuel Poverty and Health is designed for anyone wanting to learn more about fuel poverty and its links with physical and mental wellbeing.

Fuel Poverty and Mental Health

Fuel Poverty and Mental Health is designed for frontline staff who work with vulnerable and low-income groups who are at risk from cold and damp

Introduction to Energy Efficiency

Introduction to Domestic Energy Efficiency provides a basic introduction for frontline staff providing householders with energy efficiency advice.

Paying for Fuel

Paying for Fuel is aimed at frontline workers with no prior knowledge of fuel statements, tariffs or switching.

Smart Meters

Introduction to Domestic Smart Meters looks at the installation process and where information about smart meters and the rollout can be found.

Tackling the Cold

Tackling the Cold is designed for frontline staff working with vulnerable and low-income groups who are at risk from cold weather.


Vulnerability in the Energy Market will look at how energy suppliers, distribution network operators, gas distribution network companies and Ofgem define vulnerability. It will also