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NEA Cymru Annual Conference
Energy Crisis in Wales: Two Years In
Thursday 7 March 2024, Cardiff Marriott

The spring 2024 round of Fuel Poverty Forums will take place from 17 April to 2 May. Click here for more information and to register.


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Winter Warmth SP

By donating today, we can distribute a Winter Warmth Support Pack to a home in need. Your support will be a lifeline to those struggling to heat their homes this winter.

Winter fuel payment

If you are of pension age, you will receive a Winter Fuel Payment every year from the UK government. If you do not need this support to stay comfortably warm at home, please consider donating it to help a more vulnerable household.

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National Energy Action
Who We Are

National Energy Action is the national charity working to end fuel poverty in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Find out more about the challenge we face, the difference we make, and the difference you can make. We also work closely with our sister charity Energy Action Scotland. You can find out more about their work to tackle fuel poverty in Scotland at

We offer advice and support to fuel-poor households in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as advocating for policy and regulation to protect the most vulnerable households. We also offer training to frontline staff of other organisations, to they can best support fuel-poor households.

We do not work alone. Partnerships and collaboration have been at the heart of National Energy Action for over 40 years, helping us drive better health and wellbeing outcomes for people struggling to heat their homes.

Our Story about Who We Are
What is
Fuel Poverty

We define fuel poverty as a household needing to use 10% of their income on keeping their home warm.

Since the beginning of the energy crisis in October 2021, the average energy bill has increased significantly. National Energy Action estimates that 6.5 million UK households are currently in fuel poverty, unable to afford to heat their homes to the temperature needed to keep warm and healthy. In October 2021, we estimated there were 4.5 million UK households in fuel poverty.

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Lived Experiences of Fuel Poverty

6.5 million UK households are in fuel poverty. Read these real-life experiences of the devastating impact high energy bills and poor energy efficiency can have, especially amid the cost of living crisis.

Energy Crisis

The Energy Crisis began in October 2021 and has dragged millions into fuel poverty. See the latest on the crisis here and what support is available.

Water Poverty

Innovation and Technical Evaluation

Warm and Safe Homes in Fishwick

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Despite energy bills falling, 6 million UK households to remain trapped in fuel poverty come April

Posted on 23rd Feb 2024
Today (Friday 23 February), the GB energy regulator Ofgem has announced the new level of the energy price cap, for 1 April to 30 June.
Nation / Region: Wales, England, Scotland,
Content Type: News
Tags: Fuel Poverty

New official statistics highlight fuel poverty crisis deepening – as half of British adults turn their heating off, even when it’s cold inside

Posted on 15th Feb 2024
Today the UK government reveals 3.17 million households in England are in fuel poverty – virtually unchanged from 2022. The figures show that the fuel poverty crisis is deepening.
Nation / Region: England, UK,
Content Type: News
Tags: Fuel Poverty, News