A Desperate Situation

This winter, the energy crisis is continuing to impact millions of households with fuel poverty, forcing people to make impossible decisions between heating and eating.

No one should have to live like this.

National Energy Action will be there to support as many people as we can, but the devastating scale of the continuing energy crisis has meant our services have never been more in demand.

The situation is desperate, and we need your help.

Winter Warmth Support Packs

At National Energy Action, we support thousands of vulnerable households in crisis situations. This year, we know that, even after taking steps to manage energy use and claim available support, some people still won’t be able to put their heating on, so we are hoping to put together Winter Warmth Support Packs for our most vulnerable and at-risk clients*

Each pack contains small, energy efficiency household items that can be used to help stay a little warmer at home during the cold winter months.

A Winter Warmth Support Pack on average costs between £50-£80 (depending on household size) to make and distribute but can make a huge difference to a home in need of essentials.

Donate today

By donating today, we can distribute a Winter Warmth Support Pack to a home in need.

Your support will be a lifeline to those struggling to heat their homes this winter.

Winter Warmth Support Packs include items such as:

Thermometer card


Vacuum flask

LED Lightbulbs

Draughtproofing strips

Radiator reflector panels

Packets of soup

Hot chocolate sachets

*National Energy Action’s Winter Warmth Support Packs will be distributed to existing service users who have been identified as needing additional support.

With your support we can provide a lifeline to those in need this winter.