National Energy Action Cymru (NEA Cymru)

We are the national fuel poverty charity, working to ensure that everyone in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is warm, safe and healthy at home. 

Fuel poverty in Wales

National Energy Action Cymru operates in Wales and is led by Head of Wales, Ben Saltmarsh.

The negative impacts of fuel poverty on people’s physical and mental wellbeing are similar wherever you live in the UK. However, the definition and measure of fuel poverty differ depending on which nation you live in and so too does the help and support you could receive. A major cause of fuel poverty is the efficiency of your home and Wales has some of the oldest and most inefficient housing across the UK and northern Europe. National Energy Action Cymru campaigns so  everyone can live in a warm, safe and healthy home.

Household in fuel poverty

How is fuel poverty defined in Wales

A household is regarded as being in fuel poverty if they are unable to keep their home warm at a reasonable cost. This is measured as any household needing to pay more than 10% of their full household income to keep their home satisfactorily warm.

The fuel poverty situation in Wales

The crisis has seen record numbers of households in Wales fall into fuel poverty, and the hardship of those already suffering deepen significantly. National Energy Action Cymru is working to change that.


of households are fuel poor


households are using prepayment meters

Couple looking at energy bill

In April 2022 – when energy bills sat at an average of £2,000 a year – the Welsh Government estimated that over 600,000 households in Wales were living in fuel poverty. That’s 45% of the country. And worryingly, that includes virtually all of Wales’ lower-income households. Over four in 10 of whom find themselves in severe fuel poverty, needing to spend huge portions of their income just to keep warm. National Energy Action Cymru wants to change that.

Prepayment meter

Approximately 200,000 households in Wales use prepayment meters for their mains gas and electricity. This means Wales has proportionally more households using prepayment meters compared to England.

Together, with members and partners in Wales, we:

Advocate to improve the support available for fuel poor households

Working with the Welsh Government, Members of the Senedd, and others. This includes chairing the Fuel Poverty Coalition Cymru and providing the secretariat for the Senedd’s Cross Party Group on Fuel Poverty and Energy Efficiency.

Convene and provide platforms for experts and policymakers to come together

To discuss issues around fuel poverty and energy affordability. This includes events like conferences and our Wales Fuel Poverty Forums.

Provide training and national qualifications to individuals and organisations looking to provide energy advice

Our training courses cover key areas such as assisting households with fuel poverty, fuel debt, and practical energy efficiency advice. Many of our learners across Wales work in front-line advice and support roles, where they interact with vulnerable people.

Work with partners to help support low-income and vulnerable households in need

Including via our Warm and Safe Homes (WASH) Advice Service.

Useful contacts

Advice Line

Go to for help and support, including Wales-only help.

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0191 261 5677

Energy Advice

0800 304 7159

Benefits Advice

0800 138 8218

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Anna Cook

Head of Communications & Campaigns

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Press and Media Officer

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