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Energy advice leaflets

National Energy Action has developed a series of multi-lingual information energy advice leaflets aimed at frontline workers to help provide energy advice in the communities. These are suitable to distribute at public-facing events and to help you share information with those who need it.

Translate our energy advice leaflets

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Electricity consumption around the home

Updated June 2023

It’s always useful to understand how much appliances cost to run. Particularly with the steep increase in energy prices, it’s worth knowing where you might be able to make savings.

What to do if you are struggling with your energy bills

Updated April 2023

This page outlines actions you can take if you’re struggling with your energy bills.

Dealing with damp and condensation

Updated April 2023

During the colder months, condensation becomes a major problem in many British homes. This leaflet will explain how the problem occurs and ways of solving it.

Using your central heating system

Updated April 2023

We at National Energy Action have produced a series of advice leaflets to help you with your energy bills, including this one which concerns using your central heating.

Solar PV Advice

Updated July 2023

Find out more about using Solar PV systems and get in touch with the NEA Innovation and Technical Team

Know more about smart meters

Would you like to know more about smart meters and how they could benefit you? This leaflet helps to explain what smart meters are, how they work, and what to do if you’d like more information.

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