National Energy Action adds accessibility tool Recite Me to website

National Energy Action adds accessibility tool Recite Me to website
Date: 24th Aug 2022
Content Type: News
Nation / Region: Northern Ireland , Wales , UK

We know that fuel poverty affects millions of UK households and and Recite Me will mean we can offer help and expertise to as many people as possible – our clients and stakeholders.

Recite Me launch button image

In the top right of our header you may have noticed a button with a speaker and six different flags.  This links to ‘Recite Me’- technology, which helps make our website much more accessible. 

One in five people in the UK can have difficulty reading and understanding online content, including: 

  • Decreased vision   
  • Learning difficulties  
  • Literacy   
  • Language/linguistic problems   
  • Attention disorders   
  • Physical disabilities   

This can make it much harder for them to access content, advice and information online.  

What does Recite Me offer? 

Recite Me lets you customise your experience of our website – including translation and fonts and colours to help with neurodiversity or conditions like dyslexia. 

The text to speech button will read out the text. You can choose a male or female voice.  

If you click on the flag option, you can pick one of over 100 languages and the content of our pages will automatically be translated including Farsi, Tamil and French. More languages are being added regularly. (If you do notice any errors with the translation please let us know).   

Of those 100 languages, it’s possible for 35 of them to be converted into speech, to further help accessibility. 

You can also change the font type, size and colour, as well as the background colour, which can help with neurodiversity and dyslexia.  

You can even strip out all styling if you find that more useful. 

If you accept cookies then our site will remember your preferences.  

You can always change your options at any time. 

Get started with Recite Me

To start using Recite Me on our site click on the button in our header, which has a speaker icon and six flags.

You can translate our advice leaflets or any of the website pages you would like.

For more information on Recite Me go to

If you have any questions please email