Fuel poverty is a reality facing many GB households and this course will help advisors in providing the best support to their vulnerable clients.

‘Living with the Energy Crisis – Providing Advice to Vulnerable Clients’ looks at the current situation and what it means for fuel poverty in England and Wales today. It looks at who is most vulnerable to recent changes and how to help those in need – including ways to ensure people stay on top of the situation, how to maximise their income, how to find help if needed and finally how they can save energy and money in general.


This webinar is aimed at staff working with and providing advice to those vulnerable to the current energy crisis.

Course outline

This course is for those providing advice to others. If you are looking for a layman’s guide, to support your companies staff for example, please see ‘Living with the Energy Crisis (1 hour)’.

  • Overview of the energy crisis
    • What is the price cap, how does it affect householders
    • Tariffs and how they work
  • Fuel poverty and vulnerability
    • What is fuel poverty
    • Who are going to be the most vulnerable
  • How can we help people deal with the increased cost of living?
    • Managing meter readings
    • Reading statements
    • Available energy discounts
  • Where to find support
    • If the client is finding it difficult to pay
    • Ways to maximise income
    • Talking to the supplier
    • Help and financial assistance
  • Saving energy in the home
    • Energy saving tips to save money in the home 

Please note that the course content will focus mainly on England and Wales. If you are based in Northern Ireland or Scotland and interested in this course, please contact before booking so we can discuss the main differences.


2.5 hour

Course format

The course can be delivered online via webinar or face-to-face in a classroom. Please select the relevant button below for further details on the course format, fees, dates etc.

Further information

Lynsey Thompson, Training Co-ordinator, NEA
Tel: 0191 261 5677

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