Better at Home

Following the successful delivery of the Better at Home programme during 2016–2018, NEA is organising a series of seminars promoting the achievements of Better at Home in addressing fuel poverty and ill health.

NEA worked with Macmillan Cancer Support to identify vulnerable households at risk of fuel poverty, living in a cold home and experiencing ill health. The fund supported the provision of energy efficiency and heating measures to householders identified as ‘in need’. NEA also established several links with new local agencies supporting people with health conditions, with a particular focus on reaching people who may be affected by cancer.

In order to share the achievements of the Better at Home programme and more broadly raise awareness of the impacts of cold homes on health and enable agencies to be better prepared for the cold weather, NEA is organising five health-focused seminars which are free to attend which will take place during NEA’s annual Warm and Safe Homes Campaign:

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Better at Home

  • A complimentary lunch will be provided; please let us know if you have any dietary requirements we should be aware of. We aim to make all of our events as accessible as possible, please also let us know if you have any specific facility requirements.
  • Attendance lists will be made available at the event and you will be given a name badge on arrival. Please confirm that you agree for your name to be added to the attendance list.
  • The information you provide here will only be used for the administration of this event. NEA will not pass data to any third parties or sponsors. After this event please let us know what we should do with your data.
Published on 22-07-2019
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