Feedback from clients

Each year NEA trains around 3,500 people

We value feedback from our course attendees to ensure that the products that we offer are suitable and ask attendees to complete a short feedback form at the end of each course and also send a follow up survey two – three months after the course to monitor how the training has helped in the real world.

Of those surveyed we received the following responses:

  • 93% of course attendees would recommend NEAs training
  • 93% of attendees felt that their knowledge of the course subject had increased as a result of attending the course (from an average of 2.6 out of 5 at the beginning of the course to 4.3 at the end of the course)
  • 70% of course attendees have put the learning into practice and used the information gained from training

NEA provided three half day courses which we filled with our frontline staff from Adult Social Care and Health and Supported Housing for older residents. The vast majority of the cohorts were sent on the training by their managers and so I think a lot of the attendees were unsure as to what they would get out of the session. From my point of view, I was also intrigued as to how the session would take shape and to understand how the information would be of benefit.

It didn’t take long to realise that the basic information in this course is invaluable to all of us to understand how to heat our own homes efficiently, but more importantly, it identified all types of different heating systems, appliances and boilers that the staff see day to day in service users homes.

Attendees were asked if they knew what each were and how they worked, as well as if they had seem them in service users homes. The trainers then (supported by the handouts) clearly explained each of the systems, the controls and how they should be used.

“This information is fantastic as they now have the increased awareness of cold homes coupled with the knowledge of how to practically assist service users in learning how use their heating systems. And the best bit is they can utilise this information straight away to make a difference to vulnerable people.

“I have already had two attendees contact me for with queries about service users and how to help them regarding fuel poverty and so the training has helped to bring the Fuel poverty issue to the forefront of their minds and they now know what is available in terms of support and where to refer to.

“I would definitely recommend this course for staff that visit service users in their own homes.”

Mel Coton
Senior Public Health Officer, Birmingham City Council

“Brilliant. We’ve received in-house training from NEA before, and we’ve travelled for NEA training. We’re always happy to hear about what’s available and try to ensure we match that with the training needs of our staff. As a charity ourselves, it’s always great to learn about any free courses.”

Course organiser from Energy Projects Plus

“My learning experience with NEA was excellent, the trainer was very knowledgeable, informative, funny and made the course enjoyable. I learned more than I expected to. I’m now able to provide information to our client group regarding energy efficiency.”

Attendee from Leeds City Council

“NEA training is first class.  The trainers are professional, friendly, extremely knowledgeable and make the learning experience very enjoyable.  The team always looks forward to any NEA training that is organised.”

Course organiser from Citizens Advice Hillingdon

“A very positive experience that nicely blended practical and theoretical training, and allowed time for real world examples from the group”

Tendring District Council

“NEAs training is always well delivered, experienced trainers make the complex subjects easy to learn and also give practical opportunities to put learning into practice.”

“The tutor was sensitive to the group’s particular interests and the content was very well pitched to the audience”

Published on 16-04-2019
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