NEA response to Ofwat’s draft determinations PR19

NEA response to Ofwat’s draft determinations PR19

NEA welcomes Ofwat’s recognition of affordability issues with water bills, highlighted by the 3 million customers in England and Wales saying they struggle to pay their water bills. Ofwat’s interventions to ensure bills are reduced by over 12% before inflation will make a significant difference to customers who are struggling to, or at risk of struggling to, pay their bills. The reductions on bills will reduce the ‘water poverty gap3′ for customers, that is the amount bills need to reduce by or incomes need to increase by in order to take customers out of water poverty. These reductions may result in some customers with less severe affordability issues move out of water poverty based on a 3% threshold.

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Consultation response to Ofwat's draft determinations PR19
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