Leicester Energy Action (Training)

In order to tackle the problem of fuel poverty in Leicester and to support the vulnerable residents who are in or at risk of fuel poverty, Leicester City Council Public Health in partnership with National Energy Action (NEA), will deliver a holistic fuel poverty programme to not only support with the immediate crisis but to build capacity in the city to tackle fuel poverty in years to come.

A programme of training and education will support the expansion and sustainability of the project. In upskilling, both professionals and volunteers can extend the reach of the advice available and ensure a lasting legacy of increased capacity to respond to fuel poverty and ill health in the city.

Changing Energy Related Behaviour (Leicester)

Changing Energy Related Behaviour considers the field of decision making, focusing specifically on simple things to encourage people to act on the advice they receive.

Dealing with the Energy Crisis (Leicester)

‘Dealing with the Energy Crisis – Providing Advice to Vulnerable Clients’ looks at the current situation and what it means for fuel poverty in England.

Understanding Fuel Poverty and Health: Impacts on Mental Health (Leicester)

Fuel Poverty & Mental Health is designed for frontline staff who work with vulnerable and low-income groups who are at risk from cold, damp homes.

Introduction to Domestic Energy Efficiency (Leicester)

Introduction to Domestic Energy Efficiency provides a basic introduction for frontline staff providing householders with energy efficiency advice.

Paying for Fuel (Leicester)

Paying for Fuel is aimed at frontline workers with no prior knowledge of fuel statements, tariffs or switching.

Tackling the Cold (Leicester)

Tackling the Cold is designed for frontline staff working with vulnerable and low-income groups who are at risk from cold weather.

Vulnerable Situations in the Domestic Energy Market (Leicester)

This course will look at how energy suppliers, distribution network operators, gas distribution network companies and Ofgem define vulnerability and consider the support on offer.