NEA Budget Submission 2021

NEA Budget Submission 2021

Urgent action is needed to improve health outcomes and support the most vulnerable people who are at most risk of needless death and morbidity. Public Health England (PHE) recently warned there is a clear overlap between cold homes and Covid-19 and it is more important than ever that the most vulnerable members of society can afford to live in a warm, safe home.

Following positive progress in the 2020 UK Government Spending Review, in the last quarter of 2020, the UK Government released two wide ranging energy policy documents that set out plans and actions for decarbonising our energy system up to 2020s to achieve net zero carbon emissions in 2050 and put affordability at the heart of energy transformation – the Prime Minister’s 10-Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution and the Energy White Paper. Taken together, these two documents provide the blueprint for energy policy throughout the 2020s and therefore what to expect from UK Government decision-making for the remainder of this Parliament and beyond.

Our Budget submission builds on these recent positive policy developments and highlights where key actions remain and must be taken within the upcoming Budget.



NEA Budget Submission 2021
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