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NEA response to BEIS’s Consultation on the Warm Home Discount Scheme 2021/22
Post on 11th Nov 2020
NEA agrees with the proposals to extend the scheme, as is, for a further year. This process must be expedited. We broadly agree with many of the proposed changes to Industry Initiatives, but warn that increases to fuel voucher provision will result in reductions in valuable provision of energy advice, income maximisation and energy efficiency measures, which NEA believes is an undesirable outcome.
Nation / Region: England
Content Type:Publications
BEIS, Consultation, Financial Support, Policy
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NEA response to BEIS “Consultation on a Green Gas Levy”
Post on 02nd Nov 2020
NEA’s Response to the BEIS Consultation on a Green Gas Levy. NEA disagrees with the introduction of a new levy on gas bills to pay for green gas projects, and believes that this should be paid for out of general taxation. If the proposals were to be taken ahead for a new levy, NEA believes that this should be constructed in distributionally fair way instead of the proposed flat rate for all users.
Nation / Region: England
Content Type:Publications
BEIS, Consultation, Economics, Levies, Policy
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Social Tariffs in Water: The Impact of COVID-19
Post on 27th Jun 2020
In the first few months of 2020, the world watched a global pandemic unfold. Countries around the world were imposing strict nationwide lock-downs, with economies basically shutting down to control the spread of the virus. The turning point for the UK came on 23rd March when Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the nation.
Nation / Region: England , Wales
Content Type:Publications
COVID-19, Policy, Water, Water Poverty
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