National Energy Action (NEA) Budget Submission 2024

National Energy Action (NEA) Budget Submission 2024

National Energy Action (NEA), the fuel poverty charity, campaigns so everyone can afford to live in a warm, safe and healthy home. This is something currently denied to millions because of poor housing, low incomes, and high energy bills. In this context, NEA expresses its concern at the lack of targeted action to reduce the direct impact of higher energy bills in last year’s Autumn Statement. Two years into the energy crisis, energy bills remain hundreds of pounds a year higher than at the start of the crisis and despite a small likely decrease in April this year, this winter 6.5 million UK households are experiencing the devastating impact of living in fuel poverty. Energy bills are also likely to stay high until the end of the decade.


National Energy Action’s key proposals:

  1. Deliver on the commitment to consult on a new mandated social tariff from April 2024
  2. Address a growing mountain of debt in the energy sector through a ‘help to repay’ scheme
  3. Provide additional funding to upgrade the homes of fuel poor households, alongside effective regulations in the PRS


Read the full Budget Submission 2024 below.


NEA Budget submission March 2024
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