3 signs of a problem with a faulty gas appliance in your home?

Sooty black marks on appliances

Lots of condensation on windows in the house

Last, yellow gas flames instead of bright blue ones

3 symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning?


Feeling sick

Feeling dizzy

Feeling very tired or lethargic

3 things you should do if you think someone might have carbon monoxide poisoning?

Get them to leave the house as soon as you can, to get fresh air.

Get them to a GP if they are very unwell, or ask an adult to call an ambulance.

Get all gas appliances checked by a Gas Safe Engineer as soon as possible.

3 things you should do if you smell an eggy smell that might be a gas leak?

Tell an adult

Open doors and windows

Leave the house as soon as you can

Ring 0800 11 999 to talk to a Gas Safe engineer – 24 hours a day

Remember that if you think there is a gas emergency, you can get an adult to ring the free 24 hour National Gas Emergency Helpline on 0800 111 999.

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