Park home insulation and battery storage (CP776)

Park home insulation and battery storage (CP776)

Insulation was installed on 11 privately owned park homes at 2 sites in Cheshire East district:

While the park homes at Astbury Marsh had mains gas connections, those at Lindow Court Park were off the gas grid and households mostly relied on LPG for heating.

As well as fitting InstaClad EWI, loft insulation was topped up to 270mm for the properties. Among the 4 households that were insulated at Astbury Marsh, 3 also received new boilers from another funding stream and 1 of these also had underfloor insulation. There were 7 households at Lindow Court Park which had EWI funded by the project. Residents at a further 5 park homes at the site later privately funded EWI on their properties with a top-up grant
from the Council.

A total of 11 park homes with InstaClad EWI and 4 control properties took part in an evaluation of the park home insulation between May 2016 when the first park homes were insulated and March 2018.

Another strand of the project installed Powervault G200 battery systems in socially rented homes with solar PV. Between July 2016 and September 2016, there were 17 battery systems installed in Macclesfield and a further 5 in Knutsford. The Powervault G200 systems initially had AGM lead acid batteries with a usable capacity of 4kWh. However, part way through the project these were replaced with tubular gel lead acid batteries. An evaluation of the battery storage part of the project was published in March 2019.

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Park Home Insulation
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