National Energy Action Impact Report April 2021 to March 2022

National Energy Action Impact Report April 2021 to March 2022

National Energy Action’s Impact Report, spanning April 2021 to March 2022 covers one of our most challenging years with the effects of the energy crisis affecting millions. Our Chief Executive Adam Scorer says:

It has been the most extraordinary year. Sadly, a year that has exposed millions more households to the awful experience of living with fuel poverty. But we must believe, also a year that has raised the urgency and severity of the fuel poverty challenge with policy makers. 

National Energy Action’s mission is that ‘everyone should be able to afford to keep their homes warm and safe’. The combination of low incomes, high bills and inefficient housing conspire to make millions of homes places of misery and despair rather than comfort and happiness. 

“We have experienced both the worst pandemic and the worst cost-of-living crisis in most people’s memories. The cost of heating an average home with gas has doubled in 18 months. After the 1 April price cap rise, over 6.5mn UK households were in fuel poverty, and the 1 October price cap rise later this year is going to see worse still to come as this number rises further. 

“Under these conditions, there is no silver bullet and no one organisation can do everything, but I am humbled and proud beyond words at what NEA staff have achieved over the past year.” 

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NEA Impact Report 2021-2022
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