Making heat pumps work for fuel-poor households

Making heat pumps work for fuel-poor households

This document is intended to be used as a guide by local authorities, housing associations, manufacturers and installers, and other organisations involved in the delivery of heat pumps in fuel poor homes. It identifies some of the main challenges that fuel poor households might experience during their heat pump installation journey, and puts forward the solutions that we have seen implemented successfully. We do not recommend sharing the guide with households themselves, but rather using it internally to be aware of some of the challenges they might face when you are working with them to prepare and undertake their installations.

The document is structured in three sections:

  • Key things you need to know before installing a heat pump in a fuel poor home.
  • Technical and financial aspects of the installation.
  • Advice and support that fuel poor households require during their installation

The document does not cover all of the challenges associated with heat pump installations, but rather identifies those that are most relevant to fuel poor households. The document is a continual work in progress, which NEA will seek to update at regular intervals as we undertake more research into the decarbonisation of domestic heat.


Making heat pumps work for fuel poor households
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