Independent Evaluation of the “Chop-cloc” product (CP941)

Independent Evaluation of the “Chop-cloc” product (CP941)

The funding partners involved were four gas distribution network operators via the Energy Networks Association, led by SGN (the project lead), and Scottish Borders Housing Association (SBHA, social housing provider, owner of the homes which were part of this study).

The technology installed was Chop cloc, a retrofit heating controller over ride which turns the heating off for 15 to 45 minute in each hour as set by the resident to take advantage of radiant heat from the building fabric and contents. It claims not to affect thermal comfort, and to save up to 30% and an average of 16% on home heating bills. This controller was fitted onto existing gas central heating systems in properties in the Scottish Borders area. Most had standard boilers with a hot water tank, with just over one third having modern combi boilers.

This technology was trialled to assess cost savings as a result of its use, identify any customer satisfaction issues and overall benefits, and help determine whether this product is suitable to assist in reducing fuel poverty.


Independent Evaluation of the "Chop-cloc" product (CP941)
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