Hartlepower grant provides warm home with environmental benefits

Hartlepower grant provides warm home with environmental benefits
Date: 12th Sep 2023
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Alexander Matthews had been dealing with a malfunctioning boiler with inconsistent temperatures, where his water temperature would fluctuate between scalding and too cold. There was little control over temperature. 


Alexander had an air source heat pump and solar panels installed, along with replacement radiators. These were funded through the Social Challenge strand of the Tees Valley Business Challenge, which invited organisations across Tees Valley to apply for funding for innovative low-carbon solutions to fuel poverty. Hartlepower, a charity supporting people in and around Hartlepool to reduce their fuel and transport costs, were successful in their bid to install low-carbon technologies in a home in Greatham, a small village just south of Hartlepool itself.  

In addition to the low-carbon technologies, the owner of the property, the Hospital of God – a care and housing charity – funded a replacement living room carpet and bathroom floor covering, both of which had to be cut into to accommodate two of the new radiators. Hartlepower worked closely with the Hospital of God and the local community to support Alexander at each stage of the installation.  


Alexander has found the house to feel considerably warmer, demonstrating a positive impact on his thermal comfort. In addition, the new system is very easy to control. Once the thermostat is set, says Alexander, it “does everything itself”, with no need to intervene. This saves time and reduces stress around setting and controlling the thermostat. 

Alexander has also felt environmental benefits, given the low-carbon nature of the new heat system: “it has been great to embrace new technology that will help our environment”. 

The installation is only approximately three months old (as of January 2023) so it is difficult to say exact.