Lived experiences of fuel poverty


NEA have been working with the European Climate Foundation (ECF) to develop a repository of case studies. These demonstrate fuel poor households having successfully worked towards decarbonised heat. They show the importance of decarbonisation for fuel poor, low-income and vulnerable households. Decarbonisation will require households to reduce their energy demand. Improved energy efficiency provides protection when energy prices sharply increase. It is therefore needed to mitigate against climate risk for fuel poor households.

We have used these case studies to develop constituency-level briefings for MPs. These highlight the benefits of a fair and affordable transition to net zero. We will also use them as a tool to publicise these positive outcomes. This will counter negative messaging regarding the impacts of low-carbon heating on fuel poor households. Case studies will inform a coordinated outreach programme. This programme will include MP and journalist visits to sites with positive outcomes. The repository will enable policymakers and the media to highlight community-led and local initiatives.

Hartlepower grant provides warm home with environmental benefit.
Melin Homes infrared heating system generates 40 – 50% savings, with positive health outcomes.
Passive House saves resident £50 per month.
Passive House saves resident £50 per month.
Broadacres heat pump grant brings comfort and financial savings.
Heating upgrade and loft insulation reduces household’s energy use dramatically.
SHDF funding ‘breaks even’ based on cost savings.
SHDF-funded upgrades a positive experience.
Cardiff University retrofit project provides family with considerable health benefits and energy savings.

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