Warm Space – Energy Tips and Support

Warm Spaces – National Energy Action Support  

Warm Spaces have been an integral part of local communities’ response to the cost of living and energy crisis. We are extremely grateful for the previous and ongoing work being done to support those impacts by increased costs, helping to ensure warmth, safety and ultimately, community.  

National Energy Action is thankful for generous support from SSEN and National Grid to allow the development of our Warm Welcome campaign to develop digital learning and resources to support those Warm Space staff and volunteers.  


This is a short presentation that can be played at your venue or during events to highlight the issues that many people are facing and how they can access help and advice around issues such as fuel poverty and fuel debt.   

CLICK HERE to request a copy.  


NEA’s ‘Help with the Energy Crisis’ introductory digital learning is a short flexible course that can be accessed by anyone supporting people at your Warm Space, it gives some light touch information around the energy crisis, highlights the issues people may be experiencing as well as help with signposting to expert help.   

To access the course:  

  • Please go to NEA’s Learning Management System (LMS) website: www.nea-training.co.uk/lms-2020/login  
  • You will be prompted to login to the LMS or if you are a new visitor, create an account. It will only take a few moments to create an account and full instructions are provided on the login page.  
  • Once logged in, select course number 23 ‘Dealing with the Energy Crisis’ then follow the instructions on screen.  
  • You will be asked for an enrolment key which is WSI/&53/aUh  

Please note that the enrolment key is case-sensitive.  

CLICK HERE to download full instructions on how to access the E-Learning.  


View and download copies of our advice leaflets, with useful hints and tips, from our webpage www.nea.org.uk/get-help/resources  

You might also find information on our energy help page useful, www.nea.org.uk/energyhelp  


If you would like to speak to a NEA about the contents of these resources, or with any questions about the training please reach out at communities@nea.org.uk