Business Supporters Group

The aim of the Business Supporters Group is to provide an effective channel of communication between NEA and its members on current issues impacting on domestic energy efficiency.

The Business Supporters Group has been in existence for over 20 years and is very important to NEA. A strong relationship with the business community is vital to ensure the fuel poor can benefit from current schemes and technological developments. NEA’s campaigning activities would not be so effective without industry support.

Members of the Group are businesses with an interest in the domestic energy efficiency market including energy supply companies, scheme managers and consultants, boiler manufacturers, insulation and central heating installers and component suppliers, land developers and manufacturers of renewable technology products.

NEA welcomes new members to the group and would be delighted to discuss the benefits we can offer to your company through the Business Supporters Group.

The benefits of becoming a Business Supporters Group member

  • Four quarterly briefing meetings, including a chance to socialise with other members in a more relaxed atmosphere at the annual dinner held in January.
  • Free exhibition space and one delegate place at NEA’s annual conference, this year to be in September 2018.
  • Members first policy for all communications and partnership opportunities that may arise
  • Discount on training courses, publications and conference fees.
  • Access to NEA’s Research Team who can provide assistance in compiling excess winter death and estimated fuel poverty figures for local authority districts and wards.
  • Free subscription to members-only magazine NEA Focus, published quarterly with up-to-date information on NEA’s and members’ initiatives relating to fuel poverty and energy efficiency services in the domestic sector.
  • Members-only monthly e-newsletter with up-to-date information on legislative changes and policy developments.
  • Invitations to NEA events, receptions and seminars throughout the year.
  • Company name and logo on the NEA website to highlight your support for, and work with NEA, including links to your website.
  • Potential opportunity to work with NEA’s technical team trialling new and innovative products for the benefit of fuel poor households.

Membership fees

The membership fees generated help to realise under funded projects throughout the country that might not otherwise go ahead. Members of the Business Supporters Group have the opportunity to be involved with these projects and to make a difference to the fuel poor in the areas where they are operating.

Companies with an annual turnover of:

Over £5 million

£5,500 + VAT

Over £1 million and up to £5 million

£3,250 + VAT

Under £1 million

£2,000 + VAT

£500,000 – £750,000

£1,000 + VAT*

*Please note that this rate does not include a free exhibition stand at NEA’s national conference, but a membership discount is available should you wish to purchase a stand.

For more information about the Business Supporters Group please contact the Partnerships team.

Published on 01-09-2018
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