Donate your Winter Fuel Payment

What are Winter Fuel Payments?

The Winter Fuel Payment is an annual, tax-free payment of between £100 and £300 to help with the cost of heating bills during the winter months. They are not means-tested so it is not dependent on your financial situation.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for the Winter Fuel Payment in the winter of 2020-21, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • you were born on or before 26 September 1955?
  • you lived in the UK for at least one day during the week of 20 to 26 September 2021 – this is called the ‘qualifying week’

Also,you may be eligible if you:

  • live in Switzerland or a European Economic Area (EEA) country*
  • have a genuine and sufficient link to the UK (for example: having lived/worked in the UK or having family in the UK)

*Cyprus, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Malta, Portugal and Spain not applicable

Donating your Winter Fuel Payment

Each winter, many people struggle to heat their homes. The impacts of living in a cold, damp home cause unnecessary suffering for millions and continues to kill as many people as smoking and alcohol abuse.

In later life, the cold increases the risks of health conditions including cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, falls and injuries, and mental health, costing the NHS an estimated £1.36 billion each year.

At NEA, we believe that everyone should live in a warm and safe home, but to do this, we need your help.

If you are eligible for a Winter Fuel Payment, but feel as though you don’t need it, please consider donating yours to help those struggling to stay warm this winter.

By donating your Winter Fuel Payment to NEA, we can:

  • Provide life-changing energy and water efficiency advice
  • Help to provide essential winter items to those in need through a hardship fund
  • Offer assistance to those struggling with fuel debt
  • Make vital referrals to help vulnerable customers access extra support, including the Priority Services register and local community organisations
  • Help to make Warm Home Discount applications for vulnerable customers
  • Provide benefits advice and supporting people with applications
  • Advocate for the needs of vulnerable energy consumers to UK governments and regulators.

With your support we can provide a lifeline to those in need this winter.