Warm the Country Twice

Chop your wood, it warms you twice.”

Author unknown

Whoever said this was definitely on to something. Help someone out and you’ll get far more back in return.

This proverb couldn’t be more relevant, or literal, as energy bills skyrocket like never before, leaving millions more facing fuel poverty this winter.

The government has started to distribute a £400 grant (in monthly instalments) towards the cost of bills for every household, as well as additional support for vulnerable and low-income families.

But for thousands of people, this simply won’t be enough.

National Energy Action exists to support as many people as possible through this difficult and worrying time.

Our mission is to make sure everyone feels warm and safe at home.

And we need your help.

If you can afford to donate all or part of your government energy rebate, please do.

It’ll warm the country twice.

Donate Now

You will feel the warmth of having helped someone else.

And they will feel the warmth of having been helped.

Together, we can keep the UK warm all over.

How your donation will change lives

Your donation could help to provide lifechanging energy advice; Winter Warmth Support Packs for vulnerable households; support for people who are struggling to apply for benefits; or provide essential winter support to those in need through the NEA hardship fund. Your donation will be used wherever it’s needed most to help those in fuel poverty.

With your support we can provide a lifeline to those in need this winter.

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