Operation Warmth

Give the gift of warmth this Christmas

Winter is coming. For too many people in the UK, what should be a time of festivities has become one of unimaginable hardship and worry.

According to our research 6.3 million UK households are currently trapped in the grip of fuel poverty. They can’t afford to heat their own homes and keep themselves and their families warm. Across the country, many will face heart-wrenching situations, not knowing if they’ll be able to heat their home or put food on the table.

It doesn’t have to be this way. This Christmas, you can make a difference by supporting Operation Warmth and giving the gift of warmth to someone in need.

The fuel poverty crisis

Fuel poverty is a national crisis affecting families, the elderly, and vulnerable people up and down the country. It affects every part of someone’s life. From the mental stress of not knowing how you’ll afford to stay warm, to the daily struggle the unrelenting cold can have on your physical health.  Fuel poverty is not inevitable. Together, we can fight for people who have no-one else in their corner.

We believe that a warm, safe and healthy home is a basic human right, not a luxury. This Christmas, we are on a mission to give the gift of warmth.

Why donate?

Your support can help people in desperate need this Christmas and beyond.  Your donation can:

  • Transform lives: help lift more people out of fuel poverty through life-changing support.
  • Combat suffering: ensure more people in desperate need no longer have to suffer in a cold home.
  • Spread warmth: in solidarity we can spread warmth and hope throughout the nation this Christmas.

Support Operation Warmth today

This winter, support Operation Warmth and be a beacon of light in the darkest of times.

Donate today, and together we can make a real difference. Your support can bring comfort, security, and, most importantly, warmth to those who are suffering. Join us in the fight against fuel poverty – because no one should suffer in the cold at home.

Give the gift of warmth this Christmas.