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Smart meter guidance for advisers

Below are frameworks and principles for best practice in engaging with customers on the smart meter journey.

Principles to support vulnerable and prepayment consumers

The framework is specific to smart metering and was developed to ensure that customer journeys work well for all consumers, meet their expectations and give them the confidence and ability to use their smart metering systems to manage their energy appropriately. The framework builds on existing protections outlined in the Consolidated Metering Code of Practice (CoMCoP).

Consumer engagement on loss of smart meter functionality

Ensuring customers are made aware of and understand any potential inter-operability implications.

Back billing at the point of meter exchange

Good practice guidance on effective customer engagement and practices to mitigate against the risk of customers receiving an unexpected back bill post meter exchange.

Good practice guide for smart PPM customers (Energy UK)

Energy UK has compiled examples of energy suppliers supporting customers with smart prepayment meters who may be at risk of disconnecting their energy supply. These examples were obtained from the energy suppliers participating in the Energy UK Vulnerability Commitment in 2021.

Frequently asked questions and resources

Smart Energy GB is the UK Government-backed campaign working to help consumers understand smart meters and their rollout across England, Scotland and Wales. You can find lots of useful information including frequency asked questions and resources (videos, posters, leaflets, accessible PDF, easy read etc.) on their website. Their website also has a useful accessibility tool which enables you to translate content into different languages, which can be helpful when providing advice in different formats/languages.

Accessible in-home display

National Energy Action welcomes the development of the accessible in-home display for customers with sight, dexterity or a range of other additional needs.

The accessible in-home display helps to ensure that information provided through an in-home display is accessible to everyone, allowing all energy customers to take full advantage of the information that smart meters can provide.

If you have a client who would benefit from the accessible in-home display, contact their energy supplier to find out more.

In-home display user guides

When a smart meter is installed, the customer should be offered an in-home display. This is a small portable display to help monitor energy use and cost. The engineer will explain how it works.

The in-home display may look different depending on who the supplier is, but it will always provide the same basic information.

The in-home display user guide can help you to understand and explain how it works. Have a look at the Citizens Advice website for more information on user guides.  They also have useful advice on how to fix common issues with a smart meter’s in-home display, for example if the in-home display stops showing energy usage or the prepayment balance.

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How to check if a meter is working in smart mode

An online tool is available on the Citizens Advice website which can tell you what type of smart meter has been installed and if it’s working in smart mode.

Smart mode means the meter should automatically send readings to the energy supplier. If it’s not working in smart mode, the householder will need to send regular meter readings.

If the householder has a smart prepayment meter, smart mode means it can be topped up online.

The tool can also tell you if a meter should work in smart mode after switching supplier.