Sungain battery bank (CP775)

Sungain battery bank (CP775)

This project will installed SunGain Battery Bank (SBB) energy storage technology in 35 homes alongside Solar existing PV systems for the benefit of fuel poor and vulnerable households off the Gas Grid in Thurrock. The project will assess the potential of enhancing the efficiency of PV technology.

The combination of the two technologies has the potential to transform the electricity Grid; although a change in consumer behaviour is desirable. The installation time is within 3 days and is not intrusive.

SBB will enable homeowners to generate power during the day, store excess energy to be used when demand requires it and effect a demand reduction from the Grid. This innovative energy storage system will facilitate more renewable integration, reduce carbon emissions and ensure that residents will reduce their dependency on Grid power during peak hours when power costs more, and subsequently lower their electricity bills.

Download the final report below.


Sungain Battery Bank
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