Sungain Battery Bank (CP775)

Sungain Battery Bank (CP775)

The project was led by Nottingham Energy Partnership (NEP) and had the following aims:

  • Install domestic battery storage in 35 privately owned homes with solar PV in the Unitary Authority of Thurrock.
  • Assess the performance of 3 different battery technologies:
    o Maslow V3 battery manufactured with a capacity of 2kWh
    o PowerFlow Sundial SDM-2.0-500 with a capacity of 2kWh
    o Victron MultiPlus Compact C-12/800/35 with 260Ah AGM lead acid battery
  • Assess levels of resident satisfaction with the technology
  • Determine the battery performance over about 2 years and the savings for the residents from the batteries and the solar PV systems
  • Consider any challenges associated with further large-scale deployment of the technologies


Sungain Battery Bank (CP775)
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