Passive ventilation with heat recovery and Oxypod (CP763)

Passive ventilation with heat recovery and Oxypod (CP763)

This project was delivered by the Royal Borough of Greenwich. It involved installing a combination of two technologies – the Oxypod device, which removes dissolved gases from water-based central heating systems, reputedly improving efficiency of the system and reducing running costs; and the Ventive S passive ventilation and heat recovery system, which is intended to improve relative humidity levels and human comfort in interior spaces.

The project had the following aims:

  • To establish whether households experience a reduction in heating costs as a consequence of installed systems.
  • To establish whether Oxypod enables a more efficient gas central heating system.
  • To establish whether the Ventive system reduces relative humidity and improves human comfort within dwellings.
  • To establish whether Ventive S reduces obvious signs of excess moisture within buildings, such as organic growth or failure of internal decoration due to damp.
  • To examine ease of installation, ease of use and resident satisfaction for installed systems.
  • To contribute towards a body of evidence that will enable landlords and householders to assess contribution of installed systems to energy efficiency and suitability of systems in older, hard-to-treat housing stock where residents experience fuel poverty.


Passive ventilation with heat recovery and Oxypod (CP763)
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