Heat Pumps for Park Homes, Basingstoke (CP753)

Heat Pumps for Park Homes, Basingstoke (CP753)

This project involved installing 30 air-to-air source heat pumps at Attwood Close park home site in Basingstoke between April and August 2016. The system installed was a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 6kW air-to-air source heat pump with an outdoor unit and an indoor unit which emitted hot air. This replaced a variety of space heating methods, including electric convector heaters, and oil and LPG systems. Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) were obtained for 32 of the 67 park homes across the site, with an average Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) rating of 37, or EPC band F. 78% of the households were fuel poor according to the FPNES criteria.

Eight out of 30 properties that received interventions were monitored for the full duration of the study, as well as several control properties. Eighty-two percent (82%) of residents in the monitored group were over the age of 60 and three quarters had health conditions.


Heat Pumps for Park Homes, Basingstoke
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