Heating your house the smart way (CP788)

Heating your house the smart way (CP788)

This project was delivered by South Holland District Council (SHDC). It mirrored a similar project with the same partner which compared three other smart heating control products in other properties. Each project was recommended by the funders to involve installation of 45 to 60 heating controls and compare three technologies. The projects were on too large a scale to be combined, but the methodologies were comparable and so there are benefits in comparing results from both. The current project had the following aims:

  • To establish the heating costs for households with the Honeywell evohome, Heat Genius and Heatmiser neo smart thermostats compared to the previous period when the properties had a wall-mounted dial thermostat;
  • To determine potential benefits of a smart thermostat with smart Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) on radiators to allow different temperatures in different rooms;
  • To determine the ease-of-use and resident satisfaction levels for each of the smart heating control systems;
  • To contribute towards an evidence base for landlords to assess the suitability of different models of smart thermostats for their properties.


CP788 – Heating your house the smart way
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