Comparison of Modern Electric Heaters (CP1022)

Comparison of Modern Electric Heaters (CP1022)

Nottingham Community Housing Association (NCHA) wanted to replace the old storage heaters in 24 of their properties. NCHA were involved in an earlier TIF project alongside Greenvision Energy Ltd whereby standard storage heaters and domestic hot water cylinders were replaced with newer versions. The storage heaters were replaced by Dimplex Quantum high heat retention storage heaters and water cyclinders with Dimplex EC Eau Ecsd cylinders.

Following on from the successful delivery of this project NCHA and Greenvision wished to determine the impact of replacing conventional storage heaters with other forms of electric heating including heaters that utilise on peak electricity.

The project had the following aims:

  • To determine the running costs of ‘on peak’ electric heating systems and how these compare to ‘off peak’ systems both new and old.
  • To determine if the installed heating systems improved or worsened resident comfort levels.
  • To understand if ‘on peak’ electric heating can offer a cost effective replacement of ‘off peak’ reliant heating systems.


Comparison of Modern Electric Heaters (CP1022)
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