Comparing heating systems in Wakefield (CP758)

Comparing heating systems in Wakefield (CP758)

This project focused on the installation and evaluation of measures or combinations of measures in homes at risk of fuel poverty. There was a mix of innovative and more well-established technologies installed in the properties. WDH’s standard heating replacement programme focuses on standard energy efficiency measures and typical gas and electricity heating systems. These measures have been available through ECO and its previous iterations.

Trialling the new technologies was intended to help shape WDH’s and WMDC’s home retrofit strategy for the future. Learnings from innovative technologies would help WDH select which measures have potential and require further trials before becoming part of their retrofit strategy.

Six properties within each sub-group received a measure or combination of measures, the low number of installs enabled each property to be monitored. The number of properties that were monitored and quality of data was impacted as residents moved out or dropped out.


Comparing heating systems in Wakefield
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