Warm Minds

Warm Minds 2017 pictureIn 2016/17, NEA rolled out the Warm Minds project in seven areas across England and Wales to help those living with mental health issues, dementia, learning disability and learning difficulties, to better manage their energy needs and to achieve warmer, more energy efficient homes.

As part of this project in Wales, we provided free CPD accredited training to frontline staff, alongside energy awareness-raising workshops to service users, of relevant organisations working in Gwent and Cardiff and the Vale.

The physical effects of living in cold, damp homes is generally well accepted and it is widely recognised that this can exacerbate conditions such as heart attacks, strokes and respiratory infections. However, the psychological impacts should not be overlooked. Living in cold conditions for long periods can have a significant negative impact on mental wellbeing, and can be further aggravated by having a low income, living in poor housing, worry about energy bills or dealing with fuel debts.

Warm Minds was developed in response to requests from frontline practitioners working with these householders to help raise awareness and promote the availability of energy-related improvements, grants, schemes and services that would help them to achieve warmer, healthier homes that are more affordable to heat.

For further information about Warm Minds in Wales, please contact Wales Development Manager, Ben Saltmarsh.

The Warm Minds project was supported by E.ON.

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Published on 11-08-2017
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