Warming communities

Warming communities
Date: 20th Dec 2023
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Warming Communities

National Energy Action are proud to work on the Warming Communities programme, a collaborative, community-led approach to energy advice and support which harnesses the power and expertise of partner organisations to explore a more inclusive and bespoke advice landscape.

Following the shockwaves of the COVID-19 pandemic, spiralling energy prices, and general cost of living crisis, domestic energy customers have faced immense challenges and this has also meant a capacity problem across the advice-giving sector. These obstacles are felt even more keenly by underrepresented groups who face a greater risk of fuel poverty. National Energy Action values a ‘worst-first’ approach and the mission of Warming Communities is to uplift and empower groups and organisations who work with the most marginalised and vulnerable, for whom access to services has long-held additional barriers.

At its core, Warming Communities seeks to dismantle these barriers that impede engagement with energy suppliers, advice providers, and various essential services. We understand that these communities face unique challenges, and our dedicated team of experts will work tirelessly to identify and address the specific obstacles they encounter.

To ensure the broadest possible impact, our programme spans across regions in England and Wales, linking communities together to create a collective voice that amplifies their messages. By fostering connections and collaboration, we aim to strengthen solidarity, promote shared experiences, and generate invaluable insights that can be used to advocate for change on a national level.

Warming Communities isn’t limited to merely delivering immediate support. We recognize the importance of sustained change, which is why we strive to foster enduring relationships with local partners who can act as vital conduits to underrepresented groups. By working collaboratively, we aim to engage with potential supporters and partners who share our vision of a more equitable society.

We invite you to join us on this journey of learning, where the most marginalized voices can advocate for lasting change. This project aims to serve as a catalyst for a fairer energy advice future which can transform our ways of working and the lives of those we support.

To find out more about this program and see how you can get involved, please contact communities@nea.org.uk

National Energy Action is extremely grateful to National Grid for their donation to support this programme of work.