Not coping strategies

We have spoken to households around the UK, who are being forced to adopt dangerous coping strategies. These can be detrimental to people’s health and wellbeing.

Going to bed early to stay warm

Only heating one room or avoiding using central heating at all

“Marking” the bath to reduce the amount of water used each time

Spending the day in heated spaces such as a library, cafe or even A&E

Cutting back on electricity and using candles instead of lights

Showering away from the home in workplaces or leisure centres

Cutting back on buying essential personal items, food, eating only cold meals or reliance on food banks

Formal borrowing (credit cards and loans) or informal borrowing from
friends and family

Using unsafe, unserviced heating appliances or inappropriate devices
like ovens to stay warm

Cooking using alternative sources such as a barbeque or portable stove

Cutting back on personal hygiene products

Bathing less often, or resorting to a “sink wash

Not inviting friends or family
in to the home

Leaving curtains closed all day or putting newspaper over windows

Deciding not to pay the water bill in order to pay a higher priority bill (such as energy or council tax)