Tribute to Sir David Amess MP

Tribute to Sir David Amess MP
Date: 16th Oct 2021
Content Type: News
Nation / Region: UK

On behalf of our charity and our supporters, we would like to pay tribute to the life and career of Sir David Amess MP.

Since his untimely death, so many people have felt such raw affection for Sir David. It is now clear just how well loved, liked and respected he was across the political spectrum and in and outside of political life.

Anyone who met Sir David would be immediately aware of his charm, kindness and warmth. In his long career as a Member of Parliament from 1983, he was always actively involved in so many causes locally or nationally but always with a depth of knowledge which underlined his genuine interest and involvement. There are many different reasons why he is held in such high regard by anyone he met or worked with but for NEA and many of the people we work with to help end fuel poverty, he will always be remembered for his private Member’s Bill to eliminate fuel poverty which received Royal Assent in 2000 – the Warm Homes and Energy Conservation Act. As he recently highlighted to the House of Commons earlier this summer in the annual fuel poverty debate; “I  was inspired by a Polish gentleman living in a high rise block of flats who died of fuel poverty”. This was the type of person Sir David was. If he saw an injustice and a way to help, he would do it.

At a time when so many households are worried about soaring energy costs again this winter, it would be easy to feel David’s efforts on this front had been in vain. On the contrary, I hope he and is family take some small comfort from knowing the huge positive difference he has made. Millions of people across the UK are now better supported through national policies and programmes than before he started his campaign and he has directly helped millions of people to be warmer and safer in their homes.

It is devastating that a true public servant like Sir David can be taken from us in such a way. We hope that he is not remembered for this but for all the good he did nationally and locally. Our thoughts are very much with his wife, family and close friends at this heart breaking time.