New video shows plight of British families

New video shows plight of British families
Date: 23rd Mar 2023
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Nation / Region: Northern Ireland , Wales , UK

National Energy Action were recently contacted by an advertising agency called Eight, who wanted to help us portray the harrowing realities for many British families.  

The short video shows a young girl getting ready by putting on a coat and gloves. We’re led to believe that she’s going out to spend time with her friends but we soon discover that she is layering up simply to deal with the cold temperature in her home. Coping strategies like this are part of everyday life for so many across the UK 

The director and copywriter of the video, Felix Vaunois says ‘National Energy Action are an incredibly important organisation for the current times. Their purpose and initiative inspired me to engage with them on a campaign raising awareness for the current fuel crisis – an issue millions in the UK are facing. Due to international conflicts and the tightening of global resources this issue, which will only worsen in the coming years. I believe it’s the people’s responsibility to take ownership and force political action. That starts with organisations like National Energy Action.’ 

The Energy Crisis began in late 2021 and has had devastating consequences for millions across the UK. Energy bills rose due to an increase in wholesale gas prices and again after Russia invaded Ukraine. Over the last 18 months, we’ve seen typical bills rise from just over £1,000 per year to around £2,500.  

The Government’s Energy Price Guarantee limits the amount that energy companies can charge per kilowatt hour. This has been capped to ensure an average household is paying no more than £2,500 a year.  

Despite the UK Government extending the Energy Price Guarantee until the end of June. While the support is welcomed, households will still experience a price rise in April due to the removal of the Energy Bill Support Scheme. This means that 7.5 million households across the UK will be living in fuel poverty from April – experiencing the misery depicted by the girl in the video.  

Thank you so much to everybody from Eight, who were involved in putting this together.  

Executive Producer: Katie Millington  Director and Copywriter: Félix Vaunois Director of Photography: Louis English Art Director: Gabija Morris Talent: Ruby Kershaw Film Editor: Félix Vaunois/ Louis English  Sound Designer/ Sound Mixer: Isabel Derr Colourist: Luke Ross