Heat Decarbonisation: Potential impacts on social equity and fuel poverty

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NEA commissioned this report as, although there are some real challenges and tensions to be addressed, we believe that it is possible to tackle both decarbonisation of energy and fuel poverty. Through better focusing of energy efficiency programmes and other support to low-income households, we can help them achieve affordable warmth as we transition to… Read more »

UK Fuel Poverty Monitor 2016-17

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National Energy Action (NEA) and Energy Action Scotland (EAS) are national charities working to end fuel poverty and the illness caused by cold homes across the United Kingdom. NEA and EAS are grateful for the support of the organisations that responded to our call for evidence or more generally assisted us in the production of this year’s report…. Read more »

UK Fuel Poverty Monitor 2016-17 (Executive Summary)

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UK Fuel Poverty Monitor 2016-17, published by NEA and Energy Action Scotland, provides the latest national fuel poverty statistics and an update on the key aspects of policy which impact on 4 million fuel poor households as well as the population at large. Download June 2017 | National Energy Action, Energy Action Scotland

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