Modern electric heaters, Nottingham (CP1022)

Modern electric heaters, Nottingham
Lead agency Nottingham Community Housing Association (NCHA)
Other partners Green Vision Energy
Project summary

Economy 7 storage heaters are usually unpopular with residents due to poor temperature control, often providing too much heat in the morning and too little in the evening.  This project will replace old storage heaters with four different modern designs of electric heating systems.  The Rointe, Osily and Fischer systems all use ‘on-peak’ electricity while Dimplex Quantum storage heaters uses ‘off-peak’ electricity.  Each of these units provides better temperature control than the old generation of electric storage heaters through use of accurate thermostat temperature controls and a programmer.

Management of the project will be led by Nottingham Community Housing (NCHA) with the installations taking place in 24 of their properties.   Greenvision Energy will be the installation partner.

The performance of each of these electric heating models will be compared in terms of running costs and customer satisfaction.  An assessment will be made about whether any of these heater models are suitable replacements for the old generation of electric storage heaters in social housing.

Evaluation Methodology  

A sample of the properties receiving each type of electric heating system will be monitored along with comparable properties that have received no measures, which will act as controls.   Interviews will collect household behaviours and previous energy expenditure.  Standalone calibrated thermal loggers will capture living room and bedroom temperature and humidity.  Energy consumption by the electric heaters will be measured using current clamps.  Monitoring will take place over the 2016/2017 winter heating period.

Project Outcomes

  • NEA is interested in assessing suitable replacements for the old Economy 7 storage heaters which provide space heating in many social housing properties.  There are 1.9 million households with electric storage heaters which could benefit from upgrades.  Any replacement needs to have affordable running costs and offer a high level of thermal comfort.
  • Four modern electric heating technologies will be compared against one another and the prior Economy 7 storage heaters.
  • The project will assess relative efficiency and running costs of different systems and will assist in informing heating choices for vulnerable people going forward.  It will also determine whether the new Dimplex Quantum Storage heater can offer similar levels of thermal comfort to the ‘on-peak’ electric heaters.
Region in which project will be delivered East Midlands
Local authority areas(s) / key locations in which project will be delivered Nottingham
Details of technologies being trialed Rointe, Osily, Fischer electric radiators and modern high heat retention Dimplex Quantum storage heaters
Eligible households assisted

NEA grant with gap funding





Download the final report here

Published on 12-03-2019
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