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Our research suggests that 6.5 million households across the United Kingdom will be in fuel poverty in April, 2 million more than just six months ago.

Sadly, the dreadful crisis in Ukraine also means wholesale prices are already rocketing again with some analysts suggesting this could lift average bills to £3,000 per year. We recognise that the Government has introduced the energy bill rebate scheme, however, this will not be enough to mitigate the impacts for the poorest households. 

Your help is needed now more than ever

The worst of times brings out the best in people.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a different way to raise money for good ideas. People are increasingly bypassing more traditional funding routes such as bank loans or grants and turning instead to the people around them and in their community to support their venture. It’s been around for centuries but the internet makes it possible to reach much bigger audiences than before.

Why Crowdfunder?

Crowdfunder has created a unique funding model. We have a pot of millions of pounds of extra funding from the public and private sector for projects, depending on what you’re doing and where you’re doing it. And our crowdfunding experts are the best in the industry and are on hand to help you every step of the way.

Why Donate?

By donating to National Energy Action (NEA) you are helping the charity continue the vital work we do in ensuring people can afford to live in a warm and safe home. Your donation can help us:

  • Provide life-changing energy and water efficiency advice
  • Help to provide essential winter items to those in need through a hardship fund
  • Offer assistance to those struggling with fuel debt
  • Make vital referrals to help vulnerable customers access extra support, including the Priority Services register and local community organisations
  • Help to make Warm Home Discount applications for vulnerable customers
  • Provide benefits advice and supporting people with applications

“I find myself not eating at all just to keep it [the heating] on and keep it [the house] hot, I can go a couple of days without eating.”

Thank you for your support.

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