Energy Crisis:
Contact your MP to make a difference

Last updated 25 July 2022

As you are probably aware, we are in the midst of an energy crisis and you can make a difference by getting in contact with your MP.

Since the price cap rise this April 2022 we estimate that 6.5 million UK households are now in fuel poverty. It is now estimated that the energy price cap rise will rise to £3,200 for the average household from October. This will mean that 8.2 million UK households will be in fuel poverty.

In May, the Government introduced the Energy Bill Rebate scheme as well as payments to vulnerable households, but these measures are not enough to keep struggling households above the water line this winter.

With millions of people struggling, please let your MP know that these measures do not go far enough. If you would like to support us please let them know.

Tweet your MP

Tweet your MP

If you want to contact your MP via Twitter:

  1. Find them here
  2. Copy the tweet below, including your MP’s twitter handle and include the hashtags #EnergyCrisis #TargetedEnergySupport #SocialTariff
  3. Send tweet

Suggested tweet:
“I’m a constituent, @MPTWITTERHANDLE, and I’m calling on you to back @NEA_UKCharity and provide greater financial support for the most vulnerable during the #EnergyCrisis. Those in fuel poverty need a #SocialTariff”

Email your MP

Write to your MP

If you want to contact your MP by email:

  1. Find your MP’s email address here using the search below.
  2. Copy the letter below and amend it to include – your MP’s name, your name and your address with postcode (you must include this so they know you are a constituent).
  3. If you have time, then please amend the letter as you see fit. The more personal the letter, the more likely your MP is to pay attention.
  4. Email the letter to your MP.

To find out the contact details of your MP, enter you post code in the box below.


(Please amend the letter as you see fit. The more personal the letter, the more likely your MP is to pay attention.)

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I am calling on you to urge Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss as the prospective Prime Minister to commit to supporting households with rising energy bills as their first priority upon taking office. With estimates that the cap will rise to over £3,200 for the average household from October, the new Prime Minister will need to act to reduce bills and support investment in energy efficiency to reduce bills now and in the future.

National Energy Action estimates show that there are now at least 6.5 million households in fuel poverty following April’s price cap increase, and the upcoming rise in October will push that number up to 8.2 million – 1/3 of all UK households. On top of rising energy bills, historically high levels of inflation, higher rents and fuel prices mean millions of families are now struggling to afford the basics they need to live their lives and raise their children. Stories of elderly and vulnerable people taking desperate steps such as riding on buses to reduce their energy usage at home are now commonplace. This should not be happening in the world’s fifth largest economy.

I recognise that the Government has introduced the Energy Bill Rebate scheme as well as payments to vulnerable households, however I am calling on you as my local MP to pressure Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss to commit to providing deeper and more targeted financial support upon taking office in September. This is because, according to National Energy Action estimates, there are still unmitigated energy price increases of £750 for all households following the record bill increases. These vulnerable groups cannot be left facing impossible choices.

I am also asking you to push the candidates to change the energy market to ensure energy is an affordable essential for the most vulnerable people. A social tariff, providing a lower price of energy for low income households, could achieve this.

There is much more Government can do on energy efficiency too. Reducing energy demand, while making homes warmer, is the best long-term solution to this crisis.

The UK has some of the least efficient housing stock in Europe and research has shown that a failure to invest in energy efficiency to meet the scale of demand has added more than £2.5 billion to gas bills over the past decade. I urge you to pressure Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss to maintain the current energy efficiency schemes across the UK, and to meet the Conservative Manifesto promise to spend £2.5bn on a Home Upgrade Grant scheme to support fuel poor households without a connection to the gas grid to decarbonise their homes. This will help to reduce bills, contribute to our net-zero target and wean the UK off expensive Russian Gas.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you can support with these vital issues
Yours sincerely,

Your Name