Case Study Bank

Case Study Bank – Positive Stories of Decarbonisation We are working with the European Climate Foundation (ECF) to develop a repository of case studies where fuel poor households have successfully and positively worked to transition towards decarbonised heat. We aim for the repository to serve the following objectives:
  • Provide constituency-level briefings for political representatives which highlight the benefits of a fair and affordable transition to net zero for low-income and vulnerable households, focusing on those representing constituencies with high fuel poverty rates.
  • Publicise the positive outcomes that can arise from decarbonisation by creating a bank that NEA and our campaign partners can draw on for media appearances.
  • Create a coordinated outreach programme where policymakers and the media can highlight where local or community-based plans are working towards decarbonised heat for low-income households, including visits to sites of positive stories.
We are looking for case studies demonstrating:
  • The positive outcomes of decarbonisation for residents – e.g., improvements to financial stability, energy usage, energy affordability, health, wellbeing, happiness, or any other positive outcome.
  • Reflections and testimonies of fuel poor and/or vulnerable residents about the positive impacts of decarbonisation their heating on their lives
  • Energy efficiency or decarbonisation measures have clearly resulted in a better outcome for households (where we can show ‘before/after’ distinctions).
Ideally, the studies will also reflect:
  • Numerical/statistical values – e.g., of carbon savings, running cost savings, EPC / SAP improvements.
  • The wider experiences of installers, housing associations, landlords and anyone else involved in the decarbonisation process.
  • The location and a picture of the property (subject to participants’ consent).