Work with us

Work with us to end fuel poverty

Fuel poverty is not inevitable. At National Energy Action, we believe that the processes that create the problem can be reshaped to fix it. We can change the system so that everyone can afford to live in a warm, safe and healthy home.

But we can’t do this alone. Everything we do, we do in partnership with local authorities, housing associations, health agencies, installers, manufacturers, energy networks and suppliers, charities and communities.

Our members use our network to spark innovative ideas and maximise collaborative impact. Our project partnerships use the principles of co-design and development to identify the barriers facing vulnerable and marginalised customers. Our consultancy work helps to ensure energy efficiency, regulatory compliance and customer support. And we work with communities to leverage their power, with transformative results.

When we combine diverse skills, approaches and areas of focus, we maximise impact for people affected by fuel poverty.