Fuel Poverty Awareness Day: 23 February 2018

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NEA’s Fuel Poverty Awareness Day on Friday 23 February is the national day highlighting the problems faced by those struggling to keep warm in their homes and the excellent work being undertaken to tackle the issue. It comes at the end of our Warm Homes Campaign which has been raising awareness of fuel poverty, and in particular the role that low incomes are playing in causing hardship and misery for millions of households across the UK.

On Fuel Poverty Awareness Day, organisations across the country will be showing their support by holding events, issuing messages of support, or highlighting the issue on social media. Last year our Thunderclap helped the messages of the day to reach over 2 million people and #FuelPovertyAwarenessDay went viral on Twitter. The Thunderclap tool amplifies our message and helps us reach many more people than we normally would be able to.

To support the campaign please sign up to the Thunderclap by visiting clicking here.

You can also download the Fuel Poverty Awareness Day logo for use in any events, messages of support or other materials that you may be planning

If you are planning any other activities as part of Fuel Poverty Awareness Day and would like to discuss these with us please contact Sahdia.hassen@nea.org.uk

Also taking place on Fuel Poverty Awareness Day will be the Nations Biggest Housewarming. Click here for more information.

To find out more about the Warm Homes Campaign, click here.







Published on 01-02-2017
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