Fuel poor households



Let’s come together and bring an end to fuel poverty

Everything we do, we do in partnership. Our members are the heart of those partnerships.

Join over 500 organisations who are already members of NEA and making a bigger impact for those who struggle in cold and unhealthy homes.

Be better connected

When you become an NEA member, you become part of a diverse community that includes energy suppliers, local authorities, community groups, manufacturers, and installers.

The shared goal among all these organisations is to work collaboratively in combating fuel poverty and making a positive impact on people’s lives. While fuel poverty may not be the sole focus for everyone involved, they are united in their desire to contribute to the transformation of lives affected by this issue.

By joining NEA, you open doors to new opportunities for partnerships, enabling you to exchange ideas and tackle challenges collectively. NEA serves as the vital link that binds these organisations together, facilitating seamless communication and cooperation.

We invite you to be part of this thriving network, where your involvement will strengthen the connections and drive positive change for those struggling with fuel poverty. Together, we can make a significant difference in creating a brighter, future for all. Join us now and let’s make a lasting impact, hand in hand.

Be better informed

As an NEA member, you gain exclusive access to the most comprehensive insight and analysis on developments affecting fuel poverty. This includes updates on government programmes, public health initiatives, and energy market reforms.

Our network provides you with valuable resources such as networking opportunities, informative briefings, and engaging events. Whatever aspect of fuel poverty concerns you, we cover it in-depth.

From newsletters to policy updates, from shining a spotlight on members’ contributions, to organising parliamentary events and policy consultation briefings, we keep you in the loop. This wealth of information empowers you to be better informed, enabling you to actively shape our policy responses and advocacy efforts.

At NEA, we are a fiercely independent charity, but we remain dedicated to leveraging the insights and experiences of our members to achieve the best possible outcomes for those experiencing fuel poverty. Together, we can drive positive change and create a brighter future for those in need. Join us now and be part of this vital mission.

Be rewarded

NEA has different types of membership so that you can get what you need from your subscription.

Members will get discounted rates for our fabulous training courses as well as conference and exhibition places. You get access to our research team, invitations to events and our commitment to put our members first when we plan partnership activities.

We are introducing a new supporting member category for local authorities and not for profits, who want to work with us but who do not need access to discounted training and conference places.

We know that not every organisation can afford the cost of a membership subscription, no matter how small. We will not let that be a barrier to building the strongest coalition of support to help those in fuel poverty.

People and organisations appreciate different elements of being an NEA member. We value the support of our members hugely. We want members to get full value from their support to us. Please let us know what you would like to see NEA offer members.

Join us! Get in touch to talk about how membership of NEA can support you and support NEA.