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NEA’s policy and research work raises awareness of the impacts of fuel poverty and develops solutions to make energy costs more affordable.

Our work is focused on four priority areas: energy markets and vulnerability; energy efficient housing; improving health, and technology and innovation.

We work closely across the nations and with our sister charity Energy Action Scotland.

Learn more about our recent or ongoing work below.

You can also find our latest consultation responses and past research in Publications & Resources.

For more information about our work contact Helen Stockton, Research Manager or Michael Hamer, Technical Development Manager.

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Warm Homes Fund Evaluation
Warm Homes Fund Evaluation
Date (DD/MM/YYYY):29/01/2020
Operation Time/Time:
The Warm Homes Fund was set up by National Grid and Affordable Warmth Solutions and is one of the largest fuel poverty programmes representing private sector investment of £150m.
Nation / Region: England , Wales
Content Type:Research and Policy
Cold Homes, Energy Costs, Energy Efficiency, Fuel Poverty, Research
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