worried family with energy bill

Donate your Energy Rebate

What is the energy rebate?

With energy prices soaring, on 26 May 2022 the UK Government announced several measures to help. One is that every household will receive an energy rebate of £400 in the Autumn. 

Originally, householders were told by the UK Government that they would receive £200, which had to be paid back over five years. At National Energy Action we spoke out against this plan, as the loan, dubbed ‘heat now, pay later’ would plunge the most vulnerable into debt and deeper fuel poverty. We were pleased to hear that the UK Government have now decided to double the amount and that it is now a rebate, meaning it does not have to be repaid.

How high will energy bills get this winter?

Many people struggle to heat their homes. Prices rose 54% in April, bringing the average bill to almost £2,000 per year. Ofgem predict that the average bill from October could be £2,800. That’s why the new measures are much needed and welcomed by National Energy Action.

Our CEO Adam Scorer said: “This vast increase would have pushed millions of households into destitution, turning to desperate measures to stay warm at home. Without additional support, we were facing an utterly disastrous winter. The Chancellor’s new package averts the darkest of outcomes, offering some hope to the millions of fuel poor households across the UK.”

Donating your energy rebate

Of course, many people are struggling with the cost of living, with increases in petrol and food, as well as gas and electricity. The new energy rebate, along with the other measures announced today, will be much needed.  While many of the other measures announced are targeted at the most vulnerable, every household will receive the £400. It is not means tested and you cannot opt out. If you don’t need the rebate and can keep your home comfortably warm then please consider donating some or all of it to help those struggling.

By donating some or all of your energy rebate – as much as you can comfortably afford – to National Energy Action, we can:

  • Provide life-changing energy and water efficiency advice
  • Help to provide essential winter items to those in need through a hardship fund
  • Offer assistance to those struggling with fuel debt
  • Make vital referrals to help vulnerable customers access extra support, including the Priority Services register and local community organisations
  • Help to make Warm Home Discount applications for vulnerable customers
  • Provide benefits advice and support people with applications
  • Advocate for the needs of vulnerable energy consumers to UK governments and regulators.
You can also donate through our JustGiving page