NEA’s Strategy 2021-2026

Everyone should be able to afford to keep their home warm and safe

The National Energy Action (NEA) strategy presents our aims for 2021 to 2026. A warm and safe home should be enjoyed by every person across the UK. The harsh reality is that it is denied to millions because of poor housing, low incomes and high bills.

Our Strategy sets out our three priorities for the next five years. Five years that must be the start of a decade of dramatic action and delivery.

1. Tackle the worst first

National Energy Action (NEA) will demand priority for households on the lowest incomes and in the least efficient homes. We will make tackling the ‘worst first’ a litmus test for a just transition and a path to achieve fuel poverty targets across the UK.

2. Support guaranteed

The support that exists for people struggling with their day-to-day energy costs is welcome, but often neither good enough, nor available when needed. Households can be failed by the lotteries of postcode, platform, tenure, or circumstance. Those lotteries, and the gaps in provision that people fall through, need to be closed.

3. A decade of delivery

National Energy Action (NEA) will campaign for coordinated action that understands the value of warm homes and drives implementation and enforcement across national and local governments, public bodies, regulators and others.

Everything that we do, we do in partnership with others. Please do get in touch to find out how we can work with you to bring an end to fuel poverty.